Thursday, May 20, 2010

Sand & Water Table

Mallory has her very own sand & water table to play in this summer. We haven't actually put water in it yet since the weather has been so hot & cold (literally), but she is LOVING the sand.
And she has already discovered SO many uses for the table...

She can play in the cover!
(this was a HOT day)
She can SIT in the table - it's a sand box!
(before we bought play sand she carried it from our horse shoe pits)
...when RUDY comes over...
...he might be patient enough for her to bury him in sand...
(check out Buckeye off the deck)

Who needs the beach??
Hmm, this was taken over the weekend, but mysteriously there isn't NEAR that much sand left in the table. Casey and I are taking bets on how many bags of play sand can disappear in one summer. What do you think?

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Simple Pleasures

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's Day!

Knowing how much I loved the edible arrangement he got me last year for Valentine's Day, Casey thought it would be an appropriate gift for Mother's Day as well. But there's one difference ... he MADE this one! I'm still so impressed with his creativity and how it turned out. He tried to enlist Mallory's help, but apparently she only wanted to run off with the fruit! I was out of the house Thursday night so he gave it to me when I got home. It probably goes without saying that it didn't even last until today, haha. YUM!
Here's a quick picture from my mom's house today. This is (left to right) random neighbor girl, Mallory and Ember. Each face is better than the next, but they're sitting on our gift to my mom.
I hope your Mother's Day was a happy one!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Strike Three??

So they say bad things happen in threes, right? Well, this afternoon, PRE-BUNNY RABBIT INCIDENT I cranked up the umbrella on our patio table and windexed the glass so I could fold some laundry. I was multi-tasking while Mallory played in the sand, collected rocks, chased the dogs, etc.

Fast forward past the poor bunny's death, past the peeing on the freshly cleaned carpet (see previous post), Mallory was napping and I was catching up on other stuff. I actually HEARD a large gust of wind and then...........A LOUD CRASH.

I walked outside to find this:
Thousands of shards of safety glass.
In every deck crevice.
And not so safety-like since I did manage to get a small cut.
Who would have thought?
Here's to an uneventful Wednesday!


Over the past couple months we've trained the dogs to stay in the family room during meals. There's really no need for them to be in the kitchen begging and it was just enabling Mallory to throw food on the ground since it's obviously hilarious to watch them snatch it up. Anyway, they do a pretty good job now though Buckeye does get exceptionally sneaky once in a while (and you can see how they both like to push the boundaries eeeever so slightly).
Aren't they cute??
They're actually both for SALE.

Since lunch Claddagh killed a bunny in our yard
(sorry, no picture ...)
and Buckeye peed in the family room on the carpet
I just cleaned YESTERDAY!

OK, they're not for sale.
Dogs will be dogs.
I take it back.