Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Happy Tuesday


Sunday, January 29, 2012

New year's day

New Year's Day was a perfect start to Mallory's year - it snowed!
Casey tried to share the snow with me ... inside the house.
It's part of being a kid, right??
I got to play inside with this cute little diaper buddy.

She found her favorite ornament:
Elvis - Suspicious Minds
and we danced while Mallie and Daddy cleared the driveway.
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NYE 2011

We went to my brother's house on NYE for dinner and ... well, not much else. While we were making dinner, Ember and Mallory found their way into some fairy costumes that had us all giggling. (I can't help but point out that they are only 10 weeks apart. I guess we should stop hanging Mallory upside down before bed every night - she just keeps growing taller!)
They are two peas in a pod!
Mallory looks a little "Harry Potter meets Fairy Princess" here - 
about to cast a spell with her wand.
We all came downstairs after dinner and Abby was not excited about the 'no stairs' restriction.
So we moved the gate to the top of the stairs.
This gesture was lost on her. :)
Until it was her idea. 
Then she was thrilled and pretty proud of herself.
She even posed for a few other pictures.
When the littles went to bed, Mallory and Ember were interested in a snack. Being the parents of the year that we are, we figured the 5 gallon tub of gourmet popcorn would suffice. They were totally on board and proceeded to eat not with their hands but with spoons and utensils from the play kitchen.
And you can see that the silliness continued ... Mallory is in a hamper and Ember is sitting on a doll stroller.
When that got boring ... they switched.
They topped off their evening with a little coloring by the fireplace (there was no fire!) Us big people had a few drinks, watched a few movies and some of us even updated our blogs. We really know how to party!! (and we're totally okay with it. :))
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Tidbits from Christmas

We started the Christmas season with Mallory's program at her school. 
She sang 3 songs with her class: 
Rudolph the Red-nosed Reindeer
Frosty the Snowman 
Sleigh Ride
She had a lot of fun and did a great job singing and doing the hand motions, even if she was the only one in her group of 10 kids that didn't want to wear the Rudolph nose. :)
First we had a little fun with Grandpa & Grandma Lynn.
Waiting patiently for her turn to open...

Princesses for Mallie
Tools for Daddy
A kitty keyboard for Abby
Sewing supplies for Mommy (not pictured!)

And who wouldn't enjoy a little Tequila for the holidays?

Then we traveled four hours south for some more cousins and Christmas fun. 

Christmas Eve Mass
I love this picture of Abby taken after Mass
and it totally reminded me of THIS picture of Mallory taken after Mass in 2009.

Saying goodnight to Ryann on Christmas Eve
(matching jammies, tee hee)
Cookies & milk for Santa, 
carrots for the reindeer
Christmas morning.............
A jammies picture, but not without tears...

We had a fun-filled Christmas day! A whirlwind of gifts, food and family (too much of a whirlwind to take many pictures appparently...)

After a wonderful weekend, we headed back to WI to wrap a few more presents and celebrate one more time with Grandma and Papa Butschli. 

Everyone can use a few Cooties in their life, right?
And one can never have too many princesses...
...or kisses from Grandma
...or hugs from their sister
...or smiles from a cousin

It was definitely a very merry Christmas around here!
(and January has been pretty merry too!)
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