Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Hammen Christmas

My dad made toy boxes for Ember and Mallory for Christmas. Kevin and Jill got Mallory a bag of "balls" ... so we put the two together. (As a result of this activity, Mallory climbs in her toy box - with help - daily to play in the balls, haha)
You too could have your very own toy box ... custom orders accepted. :)
This would be the "Ember Stink Eye" ... that's what you get when you tell her not to close the lid on Mallory's head.
A little after dinner and bath music.
(Even though we had two Christmases after this one, I have no pictures of either one. Oops!)


Even after opening some really fun cups with straws, books, a movie and a few toys ...
... I'd rather just play with Mommy's new perfume.


Well ... Mallory had her first visit to the ER a couple weeks ago. After a run in with a lamp, she ended up with a split lip and two stitches. Great fun was had by all. (The sarcasm comes since the shock and guilt of the injury have worn off her mother's conscience ... sort of.)
Oooh, there is the lamp in question. It has a chain pull cord which Mallory so cleverly figured out how to use a few days prior to the incident. Apparently it wasn't hard for her to pull it over on herself ... imagine that!
The morning after - even though it looked more swollen and bruised I felt better seeing she was such a happy camper.

Santa's Lap

Early in December Jill got us "tickets" to see Santa at an employees only (how exclusive!) work event.

Cute little Christmas babies!
... decorating cookies ...
Both girls LOVED the characters.
Gingerbread Man, Snowman and Reindeer
Ember seemed to enjoy Santa ...
Mallory ... not so much!
Ember ... still LOVING it!
(I posted the above picture from Shutterfly, not a great feature for one picture, it posted it as a slideshow)
Momma makes a good buffer ...
... but she's still keeping an eye on him.

Thankfully, Santa knew Mallory was a very good girl this year (despite the crying on his lap) and she still had an excellent Christmas.

Thanksgiving - Part 2

A few highlights from Thanksgiving on the day at my mom's house.

... fun on the pool table ...
... big smile ...

Thanksgiving - Part 1

Here's a snapshot of Thanksgiving (the weekend before) at my Grandpa's house.
This ottoman has wheels - how fun!!

Stacking blocks

As soon as Mallory wakes up in the morning, after a bath, any time she's in her room ... she wants to climb IN the ottoman. Okedoke. Throw in some blocks and it's a prime stacking ground.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Saturday, December 12, 2009


I have a feeling this habit is going to get her in trouble some day. Does "tongue frozen to a pole" mean anything to you?

Friday, December 11, 2009

It appears we have a climber...

Such a problem solver, this one.
(finley's pants and purple shirt, ha)
(Daddy hasn't seen this one ...)
The innocent looks are my favorite!

Thursday, December 10, 2009

She wants what she wants.

If you take something from your child and she sees you put it somewhere within her reach, more than likely that won't stop her. Out of sight, is not out of mind for a 15 month old.
But if you're lucky, she'll help you put everything away. (How nice of her!)

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Daily Activity

Because it amuses me daily, I'd like to provide you with a short list of the things Mallory tends to "swipe" and run away with.

Italian seasoning or another spice she can reach.
Also pictured, sprinkles.
(this is sometimes combined with sprinkles or a spice)
Doubling up on the sprinkles. Good choice.
One of the first times she chose the sprinkles she left the room with two bottles and came back with ONE bottle and it's cap. Hmm, I was vacuuming little red crystal sprinkles for a week.
Often times she's running so fast to "get away from momma" that she drops both items and just continues to run. :)
Momma's slippers
(or shoes - not pictured)
Ah yes, the toilet paper roll holder.
Maybe she's practicing passing the baton
for her future as a relay runner.
Obviously the dog "Kong".
(in your mouth, really?)
The (never-been-used) dog toothbrush
And let's not forget to stop and hug the dog.
I never quite realized how diverse her selections were until I looked back through all the pictures. I hope you've enjoyed this journey through one of Mallory's daily activities.