Sunday, December 28, 2008

The Day After

The day after Christmas we went to my mom's house to have dinner and open a few more gifts. Dinner was excellent - filets and twice-baked potatoes! It appears I didn't get pictures of dinner OR gifts (well, one gift), just babies...
Auntie Jill and Mallory
Mallory watching Dan open her high chair
There's that caterpillar again. His foot still tastes yummy!
Mallory loves sounds like someone sewed her lips shut. She purses her lips and makes all kinds of noise, but she can't get any words to come out. Naked babies!

Grandma and Ember
Pretty Baby
Grandma and Mallory

Christmas with the Family

We went to my Uncle Wayne and Aunt Darlene's house to celebrate on Christmas Day.
Cousin Brandi with Baby Ember
Beautiful Blue Eyes
Cousin Jackie with Mallory
Isn't this an ADORABLE outfit??
Thank you, Wilsons! Oh my goodness!! It's a baby!
Cousin Jackie, Brandi with Ember and cousin Josh holding Mallory
Josh had the magic touch...she fell asleep.

Cousin Tyler with Ember
Cousin Kelly and Mallory
Jackie, Ember, Brandi and Mallory
(as you can see both babies had plenty of attention)
Brandi and Ember
Jackie with a hungry Mallory

Christmas Morning

Mallory was so excited to see if Santa came she woke up bright and early on Christmas morning...right around 9:30am. Ha...bright and early. What can I say...she likes to sleep late.

Meme and Grandad left some gifts in WI when they visited after Thanksgiving. Mallory read "The Very Hungry Caterpillar" at least a dozen times after opening it.

The book came with a cute, colorful, squishy caterpillar toy...
...which Mallory enjoyed tasting.
She also got a Curious George book and doll. He tasted good too.
Apparently Curious George put her over the edge.
She started getting sleepy...
...her eyes grew heavier...
...and finally she gave up.
Merry Christmas, beautiful, sleeping baby.

Christmas Eve - Part 2

After church we went to my grandpa's house for yummy treats and gifts.

Ember, Uncle Mark, Mallory
Great Grandpa holding Ember
Chewing on her hands...her favorite thing to do these days
Four Generations:
Grandpa, Kevin, Ember and Dad
Grandpa, Kari, Mallory and Dad
adorable tights with christmas trees on them and red 'shoes'
Uncle Mark with Mallory
Aunt Sue holding Mallory
Tuckered out after a long day
Megan opening her 'engagement' themed gift
Casey opening a teddy bear for Mallory from Grandpa's personal collection Somehow this is the only shot I managed to get of Mallory in her dress...
Mallory with her new teddy bear and cousin Megan
My goodness, what a look.
Here is a shot of all the guys in their new pajama pants.
It's the gift they've come to expect from Grandpa every year.
Left to Right:
Mitch, Dad, Scott, Andy, Kevin, Kevin #2, Casey, Matt, Aaron, Uncle Jim
Down in front:
Uncle Mark
HOPEFULLY I started a new tradition this year by suggesting Grandpa make us his famous and super yummy chocolate chip cookies for Christmas. My favorite cookie to date.
Left to Right:
Melissa, Kari, Jill, Megan
Just ridiculous...
Kevin #2, Casey, Kevin
Uncle Jim and his cheesy "new gift" smile
Matt adding the new military nutcracker from Dad and Casey to Grandpa's nutcracker collection.
Mallory with cousin Matt
Mallory in her Christmas jammies.
Sleep fast and tight...Christmas is coming!