Sunday, March 28, 2010

Fun Video

I'm not sure how I forgot to post this video from our night with Aubrey ... it made us giggle and is hopefully a preview of how much Mallory will love the indoor water park when we take her in a couple weeks.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Another Aubrey Adventure

The evening started with two apples and these wooden stools. The girls played musical chairs swapping back and forth every now and then, sharing better at certain times than others. And for some reason Mallory needed to have a letter in her hand at all times.
We got creative during dinner ... they (sort of) sat at the table like big girls. Aubrey more so than Mallory. She was intrigued with getting up and down. I joked it's because Aubrey's feet don't touch the ground, but really I think it's because Mallory wanted us to chase her every time she got up. Lovely.
A little playtime in the "kitchen". Take a lesson from Aubrey ... when you're too short to reach the microwave, just stand on the oven door, ladies. :)
A few tears when mom is too mean (haha) to let you crawl around the bed.
A night is never complete without a reading book or ten. They both love to pop a squat in anyone's lap and have a quick read.
Never staying in one place very long, it was back to the kitchen. (...this was shortly before the fist fight ensued ... no need to share details, but it was shocking and funny all at the same time...)
What's a fight between friends? They couldn't stay mad long.
And here's Aubrey updating her facebook status before bed to let her friends know how much fun she had with Mallory.
Here's to another fun and successful evening!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Dog Treats

Mallory can't resist giving the dogs a treat!
...check out our videos...

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Closet Update

Remember this??
I figured you wanted an update ... actually I'm sure you didn't, but I finally got the rest of the shelves up, so you're getting an update anyway. Everyone loves a good "before and after". Lots of room to grow into on this side...This is what started it all... oh, and see those 1x2s on the floor? Since it's the basement and we've had a history of water problems (pre-sump pump era) and leaking, my dad got me in the habit of propping everything up on scrap strips of wood. In the event of a leak or whatever, nothing gets ruined. It has saved us more times than I care to remember. (Not so much an issue with plastic tubs, but why risk it??)There's a little room to grow into. The tubs are filled with Mallory's "too small" clothes (what else do you do with them??) so they'll be rotated out soon enough. Some off-season, non-maternity clothes and blankets, pillows, etc.
This shot kind of looks like a disaster, but there's a method. The black bag is "too big for Mallory - Finley clothes" and behind that a space bag that needs replacing. Also, we don't use that door, so the bottom shelf sticks out in front of it and I considered it wall space to hang some bags.

One more section of organized heaven in our house. Casey was losing sleep over it, just ask him. :)

The last of the snow

It's hard to believe this was just two and a half weeks ago! Mallory loved being outside that day and we've been outside nearly every day since! Some days a little colder than others, but she doesn't discriminate!
She would run and run forever if we let her! Stay tuned for an update: in the next couple of weeks she won't be able to run far - we're fencing in our yard! Can't wait!

A gift from Mallory

We don't actually celebrate our dogs' birthdays and they don't get gifts (ok, sometimes a bone), but of course we recognize them. Well, somehow Mallory must have known that today is Claddagh's 2nd birthday.
Isn't she such a generous girl?? Sharing her Little People?? She also sat on Claddagh already this morning - I can feel the love! I tried to get a "happy birthday, sitting on Clad photo" but Clad dumped her onto the floor by the time I returned with the camera ... in a nice way of course. :)

Monday, March 22, 2010

Old Man Undies

Mallory needed some new onesies so we went up a size. Even after washing, they're a littttttttle big. Occasionally she runs around the house without anything else on and I have to laugh. I keep calling them her "old man undies" because they're saggy and baggy in all the wrong places. Despite that, they're adorable and she still manages to pull it off.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

She's cute, but STILL!

Isn't she adorable???
Then why can her behaviors be SO maddening?? :)
I thought it was time for excerpts from the joys of toddlerhood and things that Mallory is teaching us. It's a fun game we (she) plays. It's called "She knows EXACTLY what she wants and can't wait for Mommy or Daddy to try and try and try to figure out what it is". Doesn't that sound awesome??

In no particular order... (for some reason they all revolve around food)

1. Just because she wants her banana peeled and cut up one day (with a fork please, momma), does not mean this will work the next day. No, I don't want it out of the peel ... give me the whole banana. But wait, did I say I wanted the whole banana with peel, you can have the peel. On second (third?) thought, can I just have an apple?

2. Oooh grapes! Yes please! Oh, well, thanks for putting them in a bowl like you did yesterday when I devoured them, but today that just won't do. It appears I'm not hungry. Oh ... hey, is that the "vine" (is that what it's called?) they come attached to? Let me see that. Just that, not the grapes. Oh, way to go, Mom, after three attempts, you figured it out! I want the grapes ON the vine, then I will pick each one off, put them in the (same) bowl ... here's the empty vine, boy that was fun. Oh, good ... look GRAPES! Just what I wanted - YUM!

3. Hey Momma, whatcha eatin?? Oh, is that oatmeal? What's that you say? I have some in my bowl already - it's the same oatmeal you're eating?? Oh, well can I have yours anyway? I just want to be sure. And I'd like a different spoon. I'm done with these plastic children's spoons. I want a big one, like yours. It makes the oatmeal taste WAY different.


This does not fall into the super-frustrating-every-parent-must-play-the-guessing-game-of-their-toddler category, but thought you'd find it equally fun and awesome. (yes, I felt bad at the time.)

It doesn't matter if your child acts like she feels fine, maybe it was an upset stomach, maybe it was spoiled milk she had before bed (it smelled fine), there will be nights when she throws up everywhere.


Lots of yuck, two late night baths, two sheet changes, two sets of new jammies, did I mention a plugged drain that renders your washing machine useless at the moment? Lovely. Today is a new day and Casey actually said, "I love being a dad, this isn't so bad, it's just puke." It's true.

Edited to add: I also must say, I have no problem cleaning up the yuckiness, at all. But last night helped me realize I am almost physically incapable of breathing through my mouth and I don't think pregnancy helps my gag reflex.


Oh...and one last tidbit...child safety locks are great, aren't they? We have one on our pantry to avoid tantrums when Mallory thinks it's snack time, but it's really not. :) However, it stopped being cool and CHILD SAFE when she pulled the door open only to realize she couldn't open it all the way ... then proceeded to bang it shut, smashing her fingers in the door. GREAT. Live and learn, I guess, but not really the message we were trying to send.

Check back ... you can bet there will be more fun ahead!

Friday, March 5, 2010

Claddagh Baby

Even though I've explained it before, I KNOW you wonder why on earth we have such a huge dog and how it can possibly be safe for children at our house. Or maybe you don't wonder because you know that Mastiffs are amazing for families with children. The truth is, Claddagh is extremely tolerant to the point that you might think she enjoys being messed with.
So, if the shoe FITS, wear it ... but if the shoe doesn't fit?
Well, then sit on the dog...
And here's one of our favorite real time examples...check out the silly video!
(sorry, you'll have to squint ... I'm horrible with videos ... not enough light!)
Edited to add: Mallory is climbing on the ottoman in our living room and Clad is lying next to it.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

we like to color!

An Ember play date from a couple weeks ago. Stickers and crayons were on the agenda.
And ... of course, the occasional ladybug in the mouth.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Look out for Daddy!

The hand gets her every time ...

A method to her madness...

Occasionally Mallory gets to visit Nancy, who is my friend Penny's mom. Nancy had a funny little story for us when we picked Mallory up on Monday.
Apparently while eating lunch, Nancy tried to give Mallory a little macaroni and cheese (which she loves) and she wanted nothing to do with it. So in all her wisdom (seriously), she suggested Penny's son Alex, 2 1/2, try feeding Mallory. And, what do you know? She ate it. Nancy grabbed the spoon, Mallory refused the bite. Enter Alex with the spoon ... she ate like a champ.
There must be a method to 18-month-old madness, right?

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Baby #2

Yesterday was ultrasound day - my favorite!
The baby looked great - I could watch for hours! All the wiggling and squirming ... so many movements I don't feel yet and lots that I do. All that kicking and moving inside is one of my favorite parts about being pregnant (I know I'm not alone on this). If my pregnancy with Mallory is any indication, Casey should be able to feel this baby kicking by the end of March or shortly after that!'s the cute little profile...

...a cuddly 3D view...
(though that elbow is liiiiittle bony) favorite...
...not a lot of fat on HER bones yet, but it's coming...
So ... yes ... she'll be our second girl! I couldn't decide if we'd have a cute little "Casey" running around here or another spunky girl ... we're so excited for Mallory to have a baby sister!

I thought it'd be fun to compare. Here's a shot of Mallory at 24 weeks (4 weeks ahead of where I am now). We were trying to guess if the new baby will have as much hair as Mallory did when she's born ... it seems impossible!
It's hard to believe that we're half way there! Though I do think the second half is the hardest. So ... the weeks ahead hold many more kicks, lots of night waking to pee, ha, apparently snoring (GASP - ask Casey about last night...) and of course, enjoyment. Here's to trying to appreciate the calm before the storm of having a second babe to chase around.

Happy Tuesday!