Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Happy 1st Birthday, Abigail!

Happy Birthday to our baby girl!
It's been a year full of smiles for all of us!
We love you, Abigail!

Park Adventures

Last week Mallory, Abigail and I went to our local park with my cousin Brandi.
We took a snack break to warm up because the water was nowhere near as warm as the air.
A "good luck" friend.
Searching for trinkets.
Mallory was "shivery" but wanted to continue playing in the water. The solution was to put on her swim suit cover-up and tie it up to keep it somewhat dry.
I was laughing at Abigail because she kept dunking her face in the water. Until I realized ... she was drinking it. Bath water is one thing, haha, park water ... eww.
We got to play in the "splash pad" too, but my camera battery died before I could get pictures ... another day!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Happy Birthday to Abigail & Happy 4th of July

We had our annual "4th of July" party yesterday. And because Miss Abigail is going to be an entire year old in TWO days, we thought it best to combine festivities and shower her in stars and stripes. (You can see last year's excitement here and 2009's fun here. )

We had a little pre-party excitement in the driveway. With a hose.
Food as decorations.
Grandma with Ember & Caelum
Addison with my cousin Jackie
(with baby #2 - a boy due October 5th!)Grandma Lynn and some kiddos
Laughing at Uncle Kevin
And crying with Uncle Kevin.
It's my party and I'll cry if I want to!
On the move with water balloons...
A snack break
Papa & Mallory
Pool time
A bath in the kitchen sink.
I took this picture from the deck though an open window.
Let them eat cake!
Poor Abigail ... she was sort of a whiny, teething, tired mess and at this point, she was beyond smiling. But still 100% adorable!!
After we sang Happy Birthday, she didn't waste any time!
Birthday Cake Clap!
While the birthday girl was whisked off for a bath, I served up the rest of the cake. I've never been more excited to cut into a cake in my life - isn't that awesome!?! It was definitely a hit (and tasted really good), but I sensed some hostility from the crowd ... the word "over-achiever" may have been thrown around a time or two. I say... "go big or go home", right?! (Anyway, I can't take credit for the idea ... check that out here. And don't get too excited ... I used a Pillsbury box mix and frosting from a can. YUM!)
There were squirt guns, candy bracelets and bubbles galore.
Annual family photo.
I always forget to take the photo early in the day when children are happy and dressed in their "party" attire. Oh well, no complaints here, it's frame-worthy as is.
Opening her gifts.
I had some great helpers (even the dogs) and there was tissue paper flying everywhere! Abby is one lucky little girl! She got A LOT of clothes, a bubble blower and an adorable pretend camera (Mallory hasn't stopped playing with either toy since we opened them), her very first baby doll and a beach ball, among other things.
Tuckered little lady.
The party wound down with a little sparkler fun. This was quickly followed by a little sparkler "boo boo" which left Mallory in crocodile tears holding a bag of ice. Ouch.
As always, some people stuck around and we enjoyed the fireworks around a campfire from the comfort of our own backyard. This was the first year Mallory stayed awake to see the fireworks. She very much enjoyed "ooh-ing and ahh-ing" over the display and chattered the entire time. I, on the other hand, was so relaxed after a crazy hot, fun-filled day that I actually FELL ASLEEP a time or two.

I'd call that a perfect day!