Thursday, March 17, 2011

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Our St. Patrick's Day ended with a Shamrock Shake. Yum!
This is the look I got when I asked, "Can you smile pretty for Mommy, please?"
(Today's smile includes a residual juice stain that makes her look like The Joker from Batman.)
This is little miss "I'm no longer wearing my cute pink St. Patrick's Day shirt because I had a huge blowout diaper that wrecked my whole outfit". I think she is laughing at me thinking, "Seriously, you've been a mom long enough to know that if you want a picture of your kids together in cute outfits, you need to take it first thing in the morning. One of us is bound to screw it up."

And here are some bonus Shamrock Shake pictures from last month:
(no, Abigail has no idea how to drink from a straw ... it was right before bed and I'm pretty sure she thought it was her bottle...)
I have been teaching Mallory the magic of "bait and switch"...
...and that the technique does not always work.
Poor Abby ... why are you crying??
Oh! Because your sister is a shake stealer!
I am so proud of her, haha,
but next year she will need her own ...
as it is, she hardly shares with me!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Embrace the Horror

Sunday, March 6, 2011

My little helper

I forgot to mention... I had a little helper while working at the sewing machine. She entertained herself with a bin full of toys while I was whipping up burp rags.
I had to laugh at the toys strewn around her in a perfect circle. :)

Oh boy...

I've been channeling my inner-craft lately ... and it appears I'm having trouble turning it off.

My sister-in-law tried to warn me.

Casey was out of town for a few days this week. They were quiet days (during naps and after bedtime, of course) and provided me with some time to create.

A family friend just had a baby boy. These burp cloths turned out cute (my first time!), as well as quick and easy to make (not to mention inexpensive)!
Nothing says "congrats on your baby boy" like the Jolly Roger. Argh.
Starbucks is one of my favorite simple ($4, ha) pleasures ... say hello to a re-usable (and reversible) coffee cozy.
Lastly, some crocheted wash cloths. Why? I say, why not?

They're nearly instant gratification and totally brainless (ha!) to make, so they're perfect to do while catching up on my recorded TV (which I did this week since Casey wasn't around to steal the remote).
Don't be surprised if these crafty posts become more frequent ...