Wednesday, May 16, 2012

An April Visit to the Zoo!

The girls and I went with our friends Summer and Aubrey to the zoo one Tuesday in April. It was cooler weather than we'd hoped for, but thankfully the zoo is full of outdoor AND indoor exhibits so we managed!

We decided on a tour of the bird exhibit even though Summer is terrified of birds. As it turns out, the only thing she needed to be afraid of was this lady. No joke, she gave the girls a 5-minute lecture about "not climbing on the rocks and not touching the wires and don't scare the birds and don't run because you might fall on the birds and hurt them". Summer and I kept looking at each other like, we had no idea this was going to be such serious business. :)

Yeah, those birds really look threatened. :)

The indoor penguin exhibit is definitely a 
better experience than the outdoor one - too fun!
 Ohhh, creepy.

Peacocks are everywhere at the Milwaukee Zoo.

There is a bear in this picture... waaaaay in the back.

Very excited about her zebra shirt. :)

The selection of the wax sculpture is absolutely
the highlight of every zoo trip for Mallory. 

Can't forget to ride the train!

And, of course, the carousel!
Abby loved this - can't tell, can you?
She asked to go again. :)

It's safe to say our next trip will be equally as much fun,
and hopefully warmer.
We're hoping this will be our first summer with a zoo pass!
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