Wednesday, May 16, 2012

April 2012

We had a busy April -  here are some of the highlights!

Someone found a stool... and the Easter candy.

Coloring is an impromptu sport -
it happens wherever there is room!

We have experimented with the potty.
Small successes, but mostly she thinks it's a toy. ;)

I am the luckiest momma around!

Casey took Mallory to the dollar store so she could pick out my birthday gift... $14 later, I was the lucky recipient of everything shown here! Complete with a card that read "Happy Birthday 4-year-old! (Oh, don't forget the mocha from McDonald's which was Daddy's addition to the gift and the only thing that didn't end up in Mallory's toy box, haha.)

 Birthday festivities.
The girls were using sand for lotion..................

Mallory picked out the cake - yes, that's a guitar.
Hey, it was ice cream cake. You didn't hear me complain. :)

The following week was my dad's 60th.
We had him and his wife along with my brother and his family over for dinner and cake.
It's not 60 candles, but it sure was a lot of flame. ;)

Stay tuned for Easter pics and a trip to the zoo!
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